Spring Bank Holiday Mixed Doubles Club Competition

Saturday 1st May saw 18 members join us for the Spring Bank Holiday Mixed Doubles competion.  A draw was made to select partners, and pairings were divided into 2 Groups.  Each match played 4 games to allow each person to serve.  This allowed for a great number of matches to be played very quickly.  Matches were only within each group.

During some very hard fought matches, Group B saw a clear leading pair (Keith & Ant), with all other pairs drawing their matches.  A series of play-offs were arranged to decide 2nd place which would, in turn, play-off with the Group A leading 2 pairs.  In a closely contested play-off, Nicky & Colin secured their place in the play-off with Group A winners Ann & David.

From Group A, Lynne and Lee Twigge had secured their place in the semi-finals, again from a closely contested group.

The finalists were confirmed.  Keith & Ant were to play Ann & David, with the same format of 4 games being played.  As expected by the quality of play, a tie-breaker was required to differentiate between the 2.  After a great deal of energy expended by David around the court and some killer slices by Ann, Keith & Ant secured the win after the tie-breaker.

Many thanks go to all the members who made the morning very enjoyable.  Cant wait for the next one.