SHTC Online Courts Booking and Play Policy

You can book your courts via SHTC website by going to:

Please note:

  1. Only Active members who paid up their membership fee can book the courts. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, guest players are not permitted at the moment.
  2. You can book 7 days in advance; you can make up to 3 bookings within 7 days and you can book 1-hour slot only per booking.
  3. You must not book two hours in a row by yourself and/or with your playing partner(s). You may play longer than one hour ONLY if there is no one after you to claim the court and/or there is an empty court available. If your booking involves team training, then you may book more than one hour.
  4. In compliance with Covid-19 guidelines, all members must book the courts using our website ONLY and you MUST enter participant(s) names to the booking. You cannot book a court without a partner.
  5. When you are booking via website, you will be able to see Today + 7 more days
  6. Every day from 8pm onwards, you will see new day booking availability.
  7. In order to book a court online, you must visit the SHTC ClubSpark website, and find the booking section or visit
  8. Once you book your court, you will receive booking confirmation via email.
  9. If you cannot attend, you must cancel. To cancel you must go to your ClubSpark profile: Profile --> My Bookings --> Cancel

or visit

If your Court Booking involves the use of floodlights, please get to the club in plenty of time to put money in and allow floodlight continuity. If you let the lights go out at the end of the previous booking, you will have to wait at least 10 minutes whilst they reset and reignite.

We ask the members to follow the guidelines above. Future of online booking system depends on our compliance to the policies/rules. If you think a member is consistently not acting within these rules, for example not cancelling a booking and not showing up, you can report it to the booking administrator who will suspend their ability to book the courts for a period of time.


We are grateful that one of our members Tedi De Toledo volunteered to help members who may encounter problems when booking/cancelling. He is our booking administrator and you may reach him via email: [email protected]

If you were unable to book the court for any reason, please FIRST ask your participant(s) to book it for you and you can report the issue to booking administrator LATER via above email.

Happy booking...