SHTC Booking Courts and Play Policy

•    Courts may be booked for a period of either one or two hours, subject to availability.
•    Some courts are allocated for coaching, no other court can be booked for coaching.
•    If you need to cancel a booking, please update the booking sheet at your earliest opportunity.
•    Members can bring a guest to play on a maximum of three occasions. The visiting guest fee is £5. The fee must be paid prior to play starting.
•    From time to time the club may book tennis courts for social/members events.
•    Courts cannot be booked during Family Afternoon and Club evenings.


Social Club Tennis
Wed from 6.30 pm, Sat & Sun from 3 pm

•    Doubles play has priority over singles play on club social days/nights. Singles shall not be
•    played when all courts are in use and other members are waiting.
•    When you arrive, place your racket next to the main court gate indicating you are the next
•    person available to play.
•    Singles shall not be played when all courts are in use and other members are waiting. A
•    made-up four has priority over singles play on any court.
•    If your set reaches 6-6 and other members are waiting to play, then you should not play a
•    tie break. If no one is waiting, playing a tie break is fine.
•    When a member arrives to play, they have priority to go on the next available court ahead
•    of those who have already played a set.
•    After a set has been completed, players must leave the court and wait their turn for the next
•    available court by placing their racquets along the fence near the main court entrance.


Team Matches

•    Three or Two courts are used for SHTC Team home matches, these will be clearly marked on the booking sheets with appropriate notice.


Family / Junior Sunday Afternoon

•    From 1 to 3 pm juniors (and parent members) have priority on court 1-2-3. Adults must move if juniors are waiting to play.