SHTC Court Etiquette

•    Have fun. The entire objective of playing tennis, aside from being good aerobic exercise, is to have fun! It's a game and should be enjoyed as such.
•    Members and their guests must wear recognised tennis clothing when on court.
•    Everyone must wear appropriate tennis shoes to enter the courts. No one may enter the court unless s/he is wearing tennis non-marking shoes with rubber soles.
•    Please ensure that you always wear your membership shoe tag.
•    Do not leave empty cans, bottles or any other rubbish on the courts, all litter must be removed at the end of play and deposited in the bins provided.
•    All balls should be collected at the end of play and, if not yours, returned to the appropriate rack in the clubhouse.
•    Please dispose old-unwanted balls in the white bin provided.
•    When entering and leaving the courts, please always observe basic manners: wait  for the end of a point before walking across the back of another court. Those playing on courts four and five should use the far gate to enter the playing area. Always close the gate behind you.
•    No bicycles, scooters, skateboards are allowed on courts.
•    When leaving the courts please use the brushes provided to remove sand from shoes before entering the club house.
•    Please be sporting and always show respect to all players.
•    Please, in summer/dry season, sweep the courts after use with drag net, it is polite to next users and helps maintain the courts to a high standard.
•    You call the ball on your side of the net. If you saw the ball out, it is out and your opponent has to accept it with good grace. But you must be sure. If you are in any doubt, the ball is in!
•    You may of course challenge your opponent's call, by asking if he or she is quite sure. If they are not, then the point is yours, or you maybe agree to offer a let and replay the point.


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