Park Tennis Coaching Pass

Updated 2nd September 2020 with LTA Covid-19 guidance 

Our Park Tennis venues are registered with the LTA & the updated coaching passes will allow us to continue to meet the LTA coaching safeguarding standards and ensure players can still access the Park Courts to play. Level 3 or above, LTA accrediated coaches can apply for our Park Tennis Coaching Passes at Cricket Way or Oatlands.

  • The Churchfields passes have been sold.
  • If sites are particularly sort after (3 or more coaches applying), we will start a tender process to allow coaches to bid for full rights to the site/s.
  • It is important to note that coaches must comply with our COVID-19 Guidance and the LTA COVID-19 Guidance.


About the Park Tennis Coaching Pass - 10 hours a week

  • Coaches can apply for a set term or set holiday coaching pass at either Cricket Way or Oatlands.
  • Only one coach/coaching team will be granted a coaching  pass for each term or holiday period at each site.
  • The coaching pass grants the successful coach a maximum of 10 hours per week for the length of the coaching pass.
  • Coaches will only be permitted the use of one court at that venue, unless written permission has been granted by the Council.
  • 70% of the weekly hours must be for community groups = anyone can book & take part.*
  • *COVID-19 update - group coaching can take place as long as they are covid-19 secure, as per LTA guidance.
  • All court bookings must be made on ClubSpark, re-occurring bookings to be made by the Leisure Team.
  • Coaches will be able to book one-off sessions through ClubSpark.


How to Apply

  • Please email your propsed coaching timetable, coaching rules & LTA accrediation certifcate to [email protected]
  • We also required a copy of your coaching rules that you will be clearly communicating to clients, following the COVID-19 guidances.
  • If you manage a team of coaches we will need to see their accrediation certifctaes as well as yours as the Head Coach.
  • *Your timetables should show how you are meeting COVID-19 regulations and also shows 70% of weekly hours as groups.
  • Timetables must indcate who is coaching if you manage a team of coaches, what sessions they will run & their qualification.
  • Coaching Passes will be granted on a first come first served basis, assuming the coaches meet all of our terms.
  • Successful coaches will be notified by email and will be issued an invoice for the coaching pass.
  • If sites are particularly sort after (3 or morecoaches applying), we will start a tender process to allow coaches to bid for full rights to the site/s.



  • The Council have a long standing agreement with PlayBall at Oatlands and Coronation recreation ground.
  • PlayBall use the courts at Oatlands on Wednesday mornings & afternoons.
  • PlayBall use the courts at Coronation recreation ground on Thursday mornings.
  • Coaching providers are required avoid lessons at the same time as PlayBall in order to leave 1 court free for public use, unless written permission has been granted by the Council.


The Council reserve the right to refuse a Coaching Pass:

  • If no timetable is submited
  • If there is no submitted timetable showing 70% of weekly hours reserved for community groups.
  • If there is no submitted timetable meeting current COVID-19 LTA current guidelines
  • If there is no submitted coaching rules for you & your clients to follow.
  • If the submitted coaching rules or timetables doesn't meet our COVID-19 Guidance or the LTA's.
  • If the coach is not qualified to Level 3 or above (Level 2 coaches must be working under the umbrella of a Level 3 coach as part of their team).
  • If the coach & coaching team are not LTA accrediated (coaching safeguarding standards).


The Council reserve the right to withdraw a Coaching Pass without refund:

  • If invoice payment has not been received.
  • If the coach is found to be subletting/sharing their hours.
  • If Level 2 coaches are running one-to-one lessons.
  • If the coach is in breach of guidance set out by the Council &/or the LTA.
  • If the coach has booked courts but has been a no show 3 times (or 3 hours).
  • If the coach has previously breached the Park Tennis Pass terms or any Council agreement terms
  • If the coach is using two courts without written permission, or has exceed their 10 hours a week.
  • If a coach is found to be primarily coaching private groups/1-2-1s that exceed 40% of their total weekly hours once guidance allows.
  • If LTA guidance changes and the coach has not updated their offering to meet the new guidance.


Park Coaching Passes for Cricket Way, Oatlands and Churchfields:

        Cricket Way Oatlands Churchfields
Summer Term 2020 7 weeks

15th June to 19th July* 

£250 Apply Now Sold Sold
Summer Holidays 2020 6 weeks 27th July to 5th September £300 Sold Sold Sold
Autumn Term 2020 14 weeks 7th September to 12th December** £700 Pending Pending Sold

*start date will be altered if 7th September has alread passed

**inculdes half term court usage



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