How to book your court

Checklist to using the courts (Troubleshooting Guide) 

  • Check the weather forecast before booking, by clicking here.
  • Always check the venue home page for any important updates
  • Log into ClubSpark to unlock the booking sheets (top right hand corner)
  • Always enter your PIN when you arrive, to show you have used your booking
  • Remember to cancel any bookings you cannot make, learn how to by clicking here


You can register for a Play Tennis Pass or use the Pay & Play option to book any of our park venues to play recreational tennis. Please ensure you have read the booking terms and conditions plus either the Play Tennis terms or the Pay & Play terms before you proceed with your booking. 


1. Please see the venues list below and click on the venue that you would like to play at 

2. Log in to unlock the booking sheets 

3. Click the "Book a Court" tab on that venue page 

4. Select the day, time, and court that you would like to play* 

Confirm your booking (pay & play users will pay for the booking) 

6. Please make a note of your Court PIN from the confirmation messages* 

7. Enter your Court PIN into the gate keypad to access the court 

8. Enjoy your game! 


*Important to note: 

Some ClubSpark emails may go straight into your junk mail folder, so please remember to check this folder for any missing ClubSpark emails. 

Your Court PIN will be active for 15 minutes before your booked session, through to 5 minutes after the booked session has ended. 

If you had to create a ClubSpark account, you will still need to complete the membership form if signing up for the Play Tennis Pass. 

We monitor no shows, so please cancel any unwanted bookings, even if its last minute. 

It is always useful to have your booking confirmation handy, even when you go to play. 

Courts can only be booked for a maximum of 2 hours per day, one booking per day. 

All bookings must be made via our online system up to 7 days in advance. 


The Green Spaces team are aware of the mainenance areas and are liaising with the Council contractors. However if you do come across glass on court please report it immediately and remember to include the venue name: or Ring the Council on 01372 474474