Wimbledon Ballot 2019

The Wimbledon Ballot for 2018 is now closed and complete.

But we are already preparing for 2019!

Please don’t forget the eligibility rules for entry to the Poppleton LTC Wimbledon Ballot.

  • Members must be current and paid up members for the 2019 season
  • It is an LTA requirement that to enter the Wimbledon Ballot members must be signed up with an LTA Membership
  • Members must have a full junior or above membership with Poppleton LTC and the LTA (ie Child age 11 or above)
  • The LTA membership must show Poppleton as a venue for your membership
  • You must have “opted in” to the Wimbledon Ballot 2019 via the LTA Website.  This is open now and will close in February 2019.

If you fail to meet any of the above criteria we will not be able to enter you into the ballot or be able to allocate any tickets.

Please note:

The purchase of all Wimbledon Tickets is via the LTA not through Poppleton LTC and you must agree to their terms and conditions (including Data Privacy Policy) for valid entry and Opt In to the Wimbledon Ballot 2019. 

Follow this link to go directly to the LTA Website and Opt In for Wimbledon Ballot 2019.  LTA Wimbledon Ballot Opt In 2019


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