Terms & Conditions

I. Booking Rules – Terms and Conditions 

  • i.1. Report any damage to the Council - [email protected] 
  • i.2. The Pay & Play refund window ends, 1 hour before the start of your booking time. 
  • i.3. The Council reserves the right to pre-book the Courts for coaching, events, and maintenance.
  • i.4. If you are late to your booking, this does not alter your end time unless you have altered it online.
  • i.5. Please do not climb the fences, or make holes in the fence/gates to put anything into the gate locks.
  • i.6. Parents and guardians take full responsibility for the welfare & security of their children who are aged 16 and under, when they are on the Park Tennis courts. 
  • i.7. Players aged 12 and under must be supervised at all times by a parent or guardian when at the tennis courts.
  • i.8. The Council has the right to cancel bookings at their discretion.  An email will be sent to the member notifying them 
  • i.9. Players found trying to access or using the courts when they are closed will have their passes cancelled without refund. 
  • i.10.  Remember to take care not to send your tennis ball over the fences into peoples gardens and do not enter their gardens/premises.
  • i.11. The old Park Tennis Pass booking & court access ends on the 7th April 2021. All of the Play Tennis Pass terms & conditions apply to the Park Tennis Pass.
  • i.12. In the event of bad weather/adverse playing conditions users should inform the Council that play has been cancelled the same day if you are unable to cancel your own booking. 
  • i.13. Please cancel any unwanted bookings online even if this is last minute, to allow others to play. We monitor "no shows" and will cancel any membership & bookings after 3 "no shows" or 2 warnings. 
  • i.14. The relevant Play Tennis PassPay & PlayCoaching Pass/Package and General Hire terms conditions apply to bookings. By making a booking you are accepting all terms and conditions. 
  • i.15 One booking can be made per day. This booking can be 1 x 30 mins, 1 x 60 mins, 1 x 90 mins, or 1 x 120 mins. You can select the number of minutes you wish to play for by using the drop-down box when selecting the booking. 
  • i.16. The Play Tennis Pass and Pay & Play are not permitted to be used for the receipt or delivery of professional coaching services, this includes teaching your or anyone else's children, any friends or your or their family members, hitting sessions, practice matches etc.  (please see the coaching tab for more information). 
  • i.17. Some recreation grounds close at night, it is the bookers responsibility to check for any closing times, prior to booking.
  • i.18. Our Park Tennis courts have no floodlights, if you book when there is no daylight or when a park closes for the night, no refund will be processed.
  • i.19. If you breach any of our guidance’s or terms the Council reserves the right to cancel all memberships, packages & bookings without refund.


J. Court Rules 

  • j.1. Smoking is not allowed on the Courts 
  • j.2. Football is not allowed to be played on the courts. 
  • j.3. Any other activity outside of tennis play or bikes, scooters, etc is not allowed.
  • j.4. Members must wear appropriate sports clothing and clean footwear when on court. 
  • j.5. Dogs are not allowed in the courts & dog walking is not permitted on the courts. 
  • j.6. Please ensure you close the court gate properly when you enter and leave the court 
  • j.7. Please help us to keep the courts in a safe condition by reporting any damage to the Council 
  • j.8. No person may coach others on any Park Tennis court without the prior approval of the Council 
  • j.9. If you are late to your booking, this does not alter your end time unless you have altered it online.
  • j.10. Players & Coaches should comply with the principles of Respect and Fair Play, both on and off the courts 
  • j.11. Take off the court everything you take on – including all balls and general litter (please use bins provided) 
  • j.12. Courts cannot be booked for any activities other than tennis unless with written consent from the Council 
  • j.13. To use the courts for any reason apart from playing tennis with friends and family will require you to hold a coaching pass/package or general hire pass
  • j.14. Please do not play music on the courts unless you have a license from PLL PRS & it should be at a controlled level that does not annoy other users of the courts or neighboring residents 
  • j.15. Players play tennis at their own risk and are asked to apply common sense in always looking out for themselves and others 


K. Right to Play 

  • k.1. You must book a Court online before playing  
  • k.2. You must use the tennis court you booked, please check your confirmation email.
  • k.3. If someone is playing on the Court when you arrive use your booking confirmation as proof.  
  • k.4. If you have any problems, contact us on 01372 474 474 during office hours (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm). 


L. Other court usages 

  • L.1. To use the courts for any other reason apart from tennis play or authorised coaching, you will need to apply for and hold an in date valid General Hire Pass
  • L.2. If you do not have a General Hire Pass and are using the Coaching Pass/Package, Play Tennis Pass or Play & Play option for other activities you will have all your passes, memberships and bookings canceled without refund. 


M. Coaching 

  • m.1. Coaches must hold an in date valid coaching pass or coaching package.
  • m.2. The Play Tennis Pass and Pay & Play option are not for any form of coaching (free or for a charge), they are for playing tennis only. 
  • m.3. Coaches running hitting or practice match sessions for free or for a charge is a form of coaching and not permitted under the Play Tennis Pass or Pay & Play
  • m.4. Authorised tennis coaching providers will be listed on the specific venue pages if you are not listed you do not have a coaching pass or package  & are not authorised to coach on the park sites. 
  • m.5. Coaches who coach under the Play Tennis Pass, Pay & Play option or breach any coaching pass/package terms & conditions will be reported to the LTA and have all passes and bookings canceled without refund. 


N. Other 

  • n.1. You can bring a bucket of tennis balls to use with your children or friends and play games or use one from our practice ideas page
  • n.2. If it looks like coaching and is reported to our team or if our team suspects coaching, they will investigate further. Please remember the Parks Tennis Pass, Play Tennis Pass and Pay & Play optiion are for recreational play only. 
  • n.3. Parents/friends/family members cannot perform drills that they have seen to help the other person as this would be considered coaching. Even if you're not being paid, qualified or not qualified if your performing drills with or without advice you’re still coaching by providing those drills. Your intention is not recreational play. o.6.


O. Court Closures 

  • o.1. If the Government and/or the LTA call for the closure of all tennis courts for 3 weeks for or more, we will extend all Play Tennis Passes which were brought prior to the court closures by the same number of weeks.
  • o.2. Pay and Play bookings must cancel their own bookings before the refund window closes, which is an hour before your start time (refunds can take 5 to 10 working days to show in your account).
  • o.3. If the Government and/or the LTA call for the closure of all tennis courts for 2 week or less, there will be no extension or refunds of the Play Tennis Passes.
  • o.4. Closures of any court/venue for any type of court works or due to damage will not result in refunds or pass extensions.
  • o.5. If you purchase a Play Tennis Pass during lockdowns your pass will not be refunded or extended.
  • o.6. There will be no refunds for the Play Tennis Pass if the courts have to close for any reason.



Should you have a problem or complaint at any time or need to contact the Council with regards to your booking, contact details are below: 

Tel: 01372 474 474   

Email: [email protected] 

Elmbridge Borough Council, Civic Centre, Off High Street, Esher KT10 9SD