You can play for a month free to find out all about us first. Just turn up on Tuesday or Thursday at 6pm for the club night. Our membership year runs from 1 April each year. Of course we prorata the fee for those who join during the year. We have a range of membership options available as shown below but most players opt for full membership to get the full benefit from the club. If you are interested in joining the club, or just want to find out more, please email the Membership Secretary, at

A concessionary discount of 50% is available to those who can provide evidence to that at the time of joining or renewing, you are receiving one of the state benefits listed:

  • Working, in receipt of any benefit, and with a family income below the benefits cap (Self Declaration)
  • A dependant of someone on benefits
  • Unemployed and in receipt of a state benefit


2020 Adult Full

01/04/2020 - 31/03/2021

Adult and Children

Eligibility: Any adult individual and the children living at the same address

£172.00 in full or

£34.40 a month for 5 months

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2020 Adult Weekday

01/04/2020 - 30/04/2021

Membership for those adults who wish to play on the 3 artificial grass and 3 hard courts on weekdays only up until 6pm.

£92.00 in full or

£18.40 a month for 5 months

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2020 Family Full

01/04/2020 - 31/03/2021

The basic full membership package for two adults living together as partners. This package includes their children aged 18 and under.

£318.00 in full or

£53.00 a month for 6 months

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2020 Junior Membership

01/04/2020 - 31/03/2021

Individual junior membership

Eligibility: Any junior who wishes to join as an individual - juniors whose parents are full adult members get complimentary membership

£25.00 in full

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2020 Social

01/04/2020 - 31/03/2021

For those who can no longer play but wish to enjoy the social life that the club offers by way of tournaments and events

£21.00 in full

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2020 Student

01/04/2020 - 31/03/2021

Those adults who are engaged in full time study. These members have full access to all six of the courts and the same membership rights as full adult members so that they can participate in all the activities of the club.

£31.00 in full or

£7.75 a month for 4 months

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Community Courts Season Ticket

12 months membership

A rolling package providing free use of the community courts for a period of one year from the date purchased. Not for commercial use. These 3 hard courts are situated in the playing field on Victoria Park.

£50.00 in full

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TryOut Tennis

2 weeks membership

An opportunity for people interested in joining the club to try the facilities for 2 weeks

Eligibility: Any adult or junior interested in joining the club


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