Club Play

We run club/social play on a Saturday.  Five courts are set aside for this between 1pm and 3pm. Because of demand, from 21 May 2022, play is now extended on two courts till 3:30pm. These arrangements are subject to review and, if they change, members will be notified.


New members are, of course, welcome to attend.  It is desirable that they can hold a rally and have some knowledge of doubles play.  New members who are "rusty" or reticent can always take advantage, if they wish, of a coaching session with our coach Sean Byrne - [email protected] or 07961 408333

Should any person require any clarification on Club Play, please text or call Gerry Bass on 07970 241294



We are resuming club play on Sunday afternnoons starting 8 May 2022, two courts set aside between 2pm and 4pm. If it proves popular, the number of courts allotted may be increased. For clarification, by all means contact Gerry Bass details above.











Men's & Ladies Night

GLTC offers a Men's Night (Tuesdays 6-8pm) and a Ladies Night (Thursdays 6-8pm) for those members who want match play tennis. 

At the start of the season, team captains often use these sessions to give pairs who play in matches the opportunity to play together.   All members are still welcome to attend.

Four courts are set aside for these evenings, unless there is a home match, in which case it is two courts.

Should any person require clarification on the above, please text or call Jack Grummitt for Men's Night on 07707 881450 or Jen Abbott for Ladies' Night on 07800 606989