2022 Leagues

The Northumberland League is back after a hiatus due to COVID. All team matches are doubles and consist of four sets played.

Open Leagues can be entered by any player of any age. Veterans are classed as over 45 at the start of the season.

Women's Captains

Open 1st : Sandra Rickaby

Open 2nd: Katherine Hunt

Vets 1st: Jen Abbott

Vets 2nd: Heather Hislop

Over 65 1st: Michelle Whitworth


Men's Captains

Open 1st: Jack Grummitt

Open 2nd: Rich Farrell

Open 3rd: Chip Lewis

Vets 1st: Kris Saltikov


Mixed Teams

Under 45 Mixed: Chris Gray

Mixed Vets 1st: Wayne Mabbott

Mixed Vets 2nd: Mark Herron

General League Information

Anyone wishing to find out more about playing for the teams, please contact the relevant club team captain:

Men's Captain - Jack Grummitt     [email protected]

Ladies Captain - Jen Abbott             [email protected]

Men's & Ladies Night

GLTC offers a Men's Night (Tuesdays 6-8pm) and a Ladies Night (Thursdays 6-8pm) for those members who want match play tennis. 

At the start of the season, team captains often use these sessions to give pairs who play in matches the opportunity to play together.   Usually this takes the form of the first hour dedicated to getting people playing in their pairs and playing opponents of a similar standard. All members are still welcome to attend.

Four courts are set aside for these evenings, including on match nights. 

NOTE until recently, due to covid, numbers for these events were resricted but this no longer applies so anyone wishing to join in just needs to attend.

Should any person require clarification on the above, please text or call Jack Grummitt for Men's Night on 07707 881450 or Jen Abbott for Ladies' Night on 07800 606989


Men's & Ladies Night September - March

At this time of the year the  floodlights need to be used to allow play. The cost of the lights is £1 per half hour. If floodlights are needed throughout the designated two-hour session, the cost per court is £4 and, assuming doubles, the individual contribution should  be £1.  Accordingly, can persons attending these sessions get used to bringing at least a one pound coins.  We use the term 'at least' because play can sometimes encompass more than the designated period and it is best to be prepared.