The Late John Hewett

The Late John Hewett

On Saturday 22 July 2023, the Hewett family had delivered to the club a new bench, donated by them to acknowledge John’s great attachment to the club. Despite the dire weather over the weekend, the photographs taken, through the rain, reasonably preview what members will see next time they are at the club.

The bench is handsome and a very welcome addition to our outside furniture, as well as a fitting memorial to a club stalwart, well remembered by many of us. 

The Hewett family did not want anything formal by way of presentation, but the President has expressed to them our gratitude which he reiterated when they called on the afternoon of the 23 July to see the bench in situ.

In the main photograph, from left to right, you see Josh, baby George, John Hewett’s daughter and former member, Sally, wife of Josh and mother of George, Ruth who is John’s widow, Kristian, John’s son and also a former member, and Kristian’s wife, Laura.