Mini Tennis

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Mini Tennis is a series of LTA approved courses which allows the natural progression of young players as their skills develop. Players in all stages of the Mini Tennis programme will be offered the opportunity to compete in our in-house Super Series tournaments and represent the academy at Aegon matches. Some players even go on to compete in tournaments around the country.

Mini Red (8 Years & Under)

Mini Red is for school age players from reception year to 8 years old . It is played on smaller courts with shorter rackets and softer balls. It’s just like the real game and gives younger players the opportunity to have rallies and practice different types of shots. Our coaching team uses a variety of different activities and drills to keep the sessions fun and engaging for younger players.

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday: 4-5pm

Saturday: 9-10am & 10-11am 

Sunday: 10-11am & 11am-12noon

Miss Hits (4-8 Years)

Miss Hits classes are friendly, girls-only groups. They are the same level and format, and follow the same aims as Mini Red. They are run by PTA coach Claire. 

Monday & Tuesday: 4-5pm

Sunday: 9-10am

Mister Hits (4-8 Years)

Mister Hits classes are boys-only sessions for children aged 4-8 years.  They are the same level and format, and follow the same aims as Mini Red.

Monday & Tuesday: 4-5pm

Sunday: 9-10am

Mini Orange (9 Years & Under)

Mini Orange is a great way for players to continue their progress from Mini Red and is for players aged 9 and under. Everything takes a step up from Mini Red - slightly larger rackets and firmer balls, a wider court, and a broader range of techniques and tactics. It is the next stage before playing on a full sized court and helps players develop different shots and a well-rounded game.

Monday-Friday: 4-5pm

Saturday: 9-10am & 10-11am 

Sunday:  10-11am & 11am -12 noon

Mini Green (10 Years & Under)

Mini Green is the final stage of our Mini Tennis programme and is for children aged 10 and under. It is played on a full size tennis court, with full size rackets but the balls used are slightly softer than the yellow ball. This course helps players to further develop the skills that they have learnt throughout the programme and improve on all aspects of their game before moving on to a full compression yellow ball.

Monday & Tuesday : 4 - 5pm

Sunday: 10 - 11am & 11am - 12pm


11+ Yellow Ball Tennis 

11+ Yellow Ball Tennis focuses on the same goals as Mini Tennis - learning and developing techniques and building up rallies - but is delivered in a way more suited to this older age group. 

Friday: 4-5pm

Whilst ages are stated for each stage, these are guidlines and children may progress to a group listed for a different age at the advice of our coaching team only.

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