Our Facilities

Radyr Lawn Tennis Club is a ‘not for profit’ volunteer driven tennis club. This means that all profits that have been generated at the Club in the 100+ years of its existence have been ploughed back into our facilities and as a result we have some of the best tennis courts and clubhouse facilities in the country. 

Tennis Courts
We have a total of 11 courts covering a range of court surfaces that members can use:

2 Tarmac courts (courts 9 and 10) commonly referred to as K2 and Everest given their elevated position above the Club with some great views over Radyr towards Castel Coch and the Garth.

These courts are also offered to non members on a ‘Pay and Play’ basis and is a great way for the local community to experience tennis without the full commitment of Club membership.

Artificial Grass (aka Tiger Turf)
As our name suggests we have a history of lawn tennis. Unfortunately, lawn tennis is extremely expensive to maintain to a high standard and has the added disadvantage of only being playable during the Summer - assuming it’s not raining !!!.

We therefore upgraded our lawn tennis courts and replaced them with 4 Tiger Turf  courts (courts 1,2,3 and 4). These courts play similarly to grass but can be played throughout the day and night (as they are floodlit) and throughout the year come rain or shine. 

Having installed 4 Tiger Turf courts we then decided to install 3 Clay courts (courts 5,6 and 7). A difficult decision at the time as everybody loved Tiger Turf. However, the Clubs vision was to offer a variety of surfaces for different playing styles. A decision that is now paying dividends since there is no overall preference for any surface as they are all excellent and have their own personality, and members have the added benefit of imagining they are at Roland Garros during the French Open and at Wimbledon during the British Open. 

Our latest addition is the conversion of 1 tarmac court to 2 Pickleball courts (courts 8a and 8b).Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the World currently ( although its roots go back to the 1960’s), and RLTC is one of the first Clubs in Wales to adopt this new sport. If the sport becomes as popular as the USA we have the capability to expand further. If you’d like to learn more about playing Pickleball at RLTC please visit our dedicated Pickleball page on our website. 

7 of our 11 courts have state of the art LED floodlights covering the clay and tiger turf courts. These can be booked remotely online using our booking app and means our club can be open from 8am through til 10pm. 

Our Clubhouse is the centre of activity for all things social and following an upgrade of the bar area (now renamed The Courtside bar) it is a focal point for members and guests to get together, have fun and most importantly generate profits for further investment in our facilities. With a wide range of drinks, guest ales, competitive prices and an active social calendar it serves as a great addition to our Club.