Court booking rules

  1. Court bookings offer half-hour slots for all courts - you may book a maximum of 90 minutes (three slots).
  2. Each member and group of players can only book and/or play on any courts once per day.  Different players in the same group may not make consecutive bookings for any courts. If any courts are unused, you can continue playing. But a later booking by another member/group takes priority.
  3. Bookings can be made up to eight days ahead. Booking opens at 10pm each day.
  4. Don't be late - the 15 minute rule applies.
  5. You must enter your PIN code (see below) at the gates to gain access and confirm you have played.  If, in a calendar month, you make two bookings but do not play or enter your PIN code in the gates, you will forfeit the right to book for one month.
  6. If you have guest players, you must pay their guest fees before you play. You can pay online.  £6.50 per adult guest, £3.50 per junior guest (under 19) and £10.50 per guest at a club Social session.  A guest may play at RLTC a maximum of 4 times in any membership year (May to April).
  7. If you cancel a court more than 24 hours before the booking, there is no penalty.  If you are unable to play at the last minute, you must cancel your court booking to free the court for others.
  8. If a court is available it can be booked with no notice.
  9. There is no maximum number of court bookings per member per week or month. But members are limited to one session per day on any courts.
  10. When booking evening play, please try not to leave an empty 30 minute slot at the end of the night that nobody can use.  We reserve the right to cancel bookings if necessary.
  11. Current tiger turf priorities continue, so if a team is playing or is scheduled to play on the hard courts and the surface is unsafe, the teams have priority on the tiger turf courts- whether or not anyone has booked. 
  12. If you book coaching with Michael or Vedran, you may also book a tiger turf court (if it is available) for the coaching.
  13. Junior members under the age of 14 may only book the hard courts.

Your PIN code

When you book your court, you will receive a 4 digit PIN code on the website confirmation page and via email.  Your PIN code is unique to you and is used for all court bookings. The PIN code is valid from 5 minutes before to 5 minutes after your booking session has ended.  Please make sure you enter your PIN code to accept your booking, even if the gate is already opened by another member.


The floodlights are manually operated by a switch for each Tiger Turf court - the controls are at the side of the large green control box for the lights.  They are available from 3pm to 9pm. You must switch them off if you are last on court.
Find out how to switch the lights on and off.