Managing the floodlights

The floodlights for the Tiger Turf Courts are manually operated

Members using the the Tiger Turf lights must manually switch them on and off.

How to use the lights
You will find the controls on the large green control box opposite the entrance to the Tiger courts.  Each court has its own twist switch (as shown here).

* Switching lights on
Turn the switch for your court to the right. When it touches the contact the 4 lights covering your court will come on and the columns will gradually rise and the lamps will illuminate. This takes a few minutes.

You only need to use the lights for your own court - please don't switch on lights for unoccupied neighbouring courts.

* Switching off 
You must physically turn off the lights when you have finished playing.  Turn your court’s switch to the left until it touches the contact.  Three of the four lights will go off immediately, leaving one still lit (as it should be). The fourth light will go off after a further five minutes. The columns for your court will remain up for 30 minutes, before they gradually come down again.

In line with Council rules, all the lights automatically cut-out at 9pm. If you forget to manually turn off the lights, they will pointlessly come on again at 3pm the next day even if the court is unoccupied.