Booking FAQs

1. How do I book a court?

Go the Booking page and sign in to ClubSpark (top right hand corner of the screen)  There's a "Forgotten your password?" link if you need it.

2. What is my PIN and why is it important?
Every member gets their own unique PIN code when they first book a court for use with the booking system.   You will use that PIN code every time you book a court.  The PIN code will open the gate to the courts and is activated 5 minutes before your court time until 5 minutes after your booking session has ended. 

You must enter your pin on the keypad at the gates at the tiger turf and the hard courts to acknowledge your booking - even if there are already players on the courts and you can gain acccess.   Entering your PIN code tells the system that you showed up and used your booked court. Remember, that if you do not show up two times in a month, you will lose booking privileges for the next calendar month.  

3. What if I can't remember my PIN code?
When you book a court, you are assigned the same PIN number every time.  However, if you cannot remember your PIN and cannot find the confirmation email, you can go to the Booking page and click on My Bookings.  There you will see your active bookings and by selecting one of them, it will show you all the details including your PIN code.

4. What if I did not receive a confirmation email?
If you do not receive your confirmation email, check your junk email folder or if you use Outlook, your clutter folder. 

5. How do I turn on the floodlights?
The floodlight operation is manual.  Read the instructions for switching the lights on and off.

6. How late can we book courts and use the floodlights?
The club booking hours are from 7am to 9pm for the Tiger courts and 9am till 7.30pm for the hard courts (no lights).  9pm is the latest our current planning permission allows the lights to be on. 

7. What is the maximum period I can book?
Court bookings are made in 30 minute slots, up to a maximum of 90 minutes. When booking your court, the default is 30 minutes.  To extend your session on the "Make a booking" window, click on the drop down that shows the end time and choose the time that represents a 60 or 90 minute time slot.

8. What happens if my friend makes a second booking immediately after the first booking because we want to play for longer than 1.5 hours?
The same group of players are not allowed to book consecutive sessions, players found doing so will lose their booking privileges for one calendar month.  However, if at the end of your session, no one is booked to play, please feel free to continue.

9. Can I book the grass courts?
The grass courts must be booked in the booking system.

10. Why shouldn't I play on the grass courts before 10.30am or when it's wet?
We want to keep our grass courts in tip top condition so avoiding wet or dewy grass helps us to do this.  It also means there is less chance of you slipping on the surface.

11. What courts are used by the coaching staff?
Coaching is primarily conducted on hard courts 1 and 2.  You will see on the booking calendar when they have classes booked.

12. Why do I see coaching on the tiger turf courts?
In line with our court usage and priority policies, members can book courts for matches, practice or coaching sessions.  The court must be booked by the member and not the coach and comply with all other booking policies.

13. How much does it cost to book a court?
Members can book courts for free, there is no additional charge if floodlights are used during the booking.

14. Can I bring a guest?
You can bring guests but each person can play no more than 4 times per year.  Guest fees are £6.50 for adults, £3.50 for juniors and £10.50 for social sessions.  You can pay guest fees online - please do this before your guest plays.

15. Who do I contact if there is a question or problem with the booking system or floodlight operation?
Email Sue Manley.  In time, we will have several people who will be available to help.