Can I play tennis if I am not a member?

Yes, you can.


You pay a fee and collect a fob to access the court from Soulsby’s Toy Shop or, if the shop is closed, from the treasurer (Silverton House, Silverton Lane, Rothbury, tel. 01669 621890).

How much do I pay?

You pay £10 for the fob as a deposit. Your money is returned to you when you return the fob to the place where you received it.

In addition you also pay a fee. The fees for this season are as follows:

Daily Fees:

If you do not play with a member:

£ 5 for adults;

£ 2.50 for children (under 18).

If you play with someone who is a member:

£ 2.50 for adults;

£ 1 for children (under 18).

Weekly Fees:

£ 14 for adults;

£ 7 for children (under 18);

£ 36 for a family (max 2 seniors and any number of under 18s).

NB Please check out this years membership fees as this may be a more economical option if you plan to play regularly.

You must follow LTA guidance on COVID-19 and the Club’s rules and regulations.