Park Tennis court improvement schedule

Elmbridge Borough Council have a 3 year rolling programme of court improvement works starting in 2021 as outlined below. We will provide further specific updates on dates when they are confirmed with the contractor (all works are weather dependent).

10 sites are included in this rolling programme of works which was delayed due to the covid pandemic. Please scroll down to learn more about the timetable of works and for information on West End and Elmgrove. 

There is no great time for court works or maintenance as the contrators need dry weather, which is of course when people want to play tennis and any poor weather will cause delays. However we will keep the venue homepages and booking sheets updated as and when we have updates.


Court re-surfacing will take the longest amount of time as works include: digging up the old surface, surface to be laid, then 3 weeks curing time, re-painting & a couple of days paint drying time (minimum 7 weeks to complete all works). That is if we are very lucky with the weather, however any poor weather will extend the length of time the courts are out of action. 

Court re-painting will take the shortest amount of time, with painting taking up to 2 days to complete then a couple of days to dry out before they can be played on (minimum 1 week to complete works). Again any poor weather will extend the length of time the courts are out of action.

Court Maintenance is carried out through the year by the Council Green Spaces Team who manage the agreement & schedule of works with their new contractors Glendale Services (starting 1st September 2022). The Parks Tennis Team will pass on any querries about the general maintenance directly to the Green Spaces Team.


Please note the courts will be out of action during the court works/maintenance and players will need use the other Park Tennis sites during that time. The benefits of court improvements & maintenance is to keep the facilities in working order and to provide players with a quality playing environment in their local park.

ETC Sports have advised after court resurfacing works, in hot weather the courts may have to be closed to protect the surface. 


2021 court improvements (contractor: ETC Sports Surfaces)

Molesey Hurst: 3 court site to be repainted - Complete 

Giggs Hill: 2 court site to be resurfaced  - Complete

Cobham: 2 court site to be repainted - Complete


2022 court improvements (contractor: ETC Sports Surfaces)

Oatlands: 2 court site to be resurfaced - Complete 

Long Ditton: 2 court site to be resurfaced - Complete 

Civic Centre: 2 court side to be resurfaces + new fencing - Complete 


2023 court improvements (contractor: ETC Sports Surfaces)

Churchfields: 4 court site to be resurfaced - Complete

Cricket Way: 2 court site to be resurfaced + new fencing - Complete

Grovelands: 2 court site to be resurfaced + fence repairs - Complete

Coronation: 4 court site to be resurfaced | open for play | Updates on the Coronation home page*

*net socket repaired areas to be painted in the Spring of 2024.



West End Project

Our full investigation results for the West End project have been put forward to Cabinet and Council as part of the tennis report. To view our investigation results and to see what was agreed at Cabinet & Council please see our West End FAQ page: 



Court improvement works at Elmgrove were undertaken in 2018 in the form of a re-paint on all four courts.

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