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Important Update

New Tennis charges from Monday 1st November 2021

Southwark Council is committed to providing safe and attractive park tennis courts alongside the provision of high quality coaching programmes that offer opportunities for beginners, young people and older residents alike. In order to deliver against this commitment, the council has taken a decision to introduce charges to more tennis courts in the borough this autumn - at Southwark Park, Tanner Street, Brunswick Park, Belair Park, and Dulwich Park. This approach will generate income, which can then be invested back into maintenance and tennis development.

The new charge will match the prices already in place at Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park. Charges will be offered at a peak and off peak rate, and will be reviewed annually, so that they are in keeping with pricing in other London Boroughs. This approach is in line with most other London Boroughs, which have been charging for park tennis for many years. It is also anticipated that the introduction of charges will free up park tennis for more Southwark residents, as the free nature of these courts has attracted players from other boroughs where provision is not free.

In addition, in order to maximise accessibility and encourage physical activity for Southwark’s young people, all residents (under 18) of Southwark will be eligible for a free junior membership. This will enable them to play for free, for half an hour every day, including with friends or family members at the five park tennis courts. Apply for junior membership here

Find out more about court charges and making a booking


Southwark Council has 7 park venues with tennis courts that have a booking system. You can book tennis courts at one of the following sites on this website - Southwark Park, Tanner Street Park, Brunswick Park, Dulwich Park, Belair Park. Honor Oak Park courts operate as turn up and play. GMH Park and Burgess Park operate under a different booking system. Links belows.

GMH Park 
Burgess Park 

People requiring internet facilities to make a booking can visit their local library, and people unable to use the booking website / app or visit their library can ring 020 7525 5000 for further help.

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Where to play

Here are the Tennis in Southwark venues where you can play. Choose a venue to visit...

  1. Belair Park

    Gallery Rd, Camberwell, Southwark, SE21 7EX

  2. Brunswick Park (Southwark)

    St Giles Rd, Camberwell, Surrey, SE5 7RH

  3. Burgess Park Tennis Centre

    Burgess Park Tennis Centre, 44 Addington Square, Camberwell, LONDON, SE5 7LA

  4. Dulwich Park

    College Rd, Dulwich Village, London, SE21 7EB

  5. Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Sports Facility

    Park Rangers Service Office, 91 St. Georges Road, LONDON, SE1 6ER

  6. Southwark Park

    Jamaica Rd, Camberwell, London, SE16 2TX

  7. Tanner St Park

    Tanner Street, Bermondsey, Kent, SE1 3LL

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