Winning ways

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This week Wivey played in 3 and half matches, yes you’ve read that right the B team had to finish off a match against Elms c, whilst playing their original fixture planned for the week. 


We started the week with finishing that match against Elms C on Monday 6th June, whilst this was not a normal surface as the B team had to play on grass they still managed a win with it ending 6 - 4 points. The following night the B team were back on familiar grounds playing at home against Taunton School A, Wivey won 9 - 0 points, with this result leaving Wivey B team unbeaten for the season with 4 games played. The next night the C team played against Taunton C, our C team came out strong and beat the Taunton side 7 points to 3. The final game of the week was our A team travelling to Bridgwater to play their C team, the win for A team was convincing at 9 - 0.