Beverley Park LTC welcome guests to the club. The guests names should be entered into the guests book, which you can find inside of the clubhouse in the flyer dispenser. 

The accompanying member and guests fee details should also be included. The cost for a guest is £3.00 per person and the money should be put through the club letterbox on the outside of the clubhouse. 

You can also pay for guest fees online via the club's website. This can be done by booking a court and entering the participants details. Please make sure you have selected guest for the non-members and then enter your payment details.

Members can sign in up to 3 guests per day and are responsible for them abiding by the club rules. 

Please write the name of the member and guests on the envelope. The envelopes can be found next to the guest book in the flyer dispenser. Guests are allowed up to a maximum of 3 visits a season and then are encouraged to join the club.