Club Rules

1. We want everyone to have fun and enjoy your tennis, however please familiarise yourself and any guest(s) you may bring, with the rules and regulations of this club, They are for your and other members benefit.

2. The courts are open for play between 08:00 and 22:00 daily, it not permissible to play, even using floodlights, before 08:00 or after 22:00.

3. Floodlight tokens cost £4.00 each and are obtainable from committee members. ( David Fleming)

4. Tokens last for approximately 45 minutes and should be placed inside the box which is strategically placed at the back of the respective court. A key may be needed to open the box, this is on a chord hanging beside the box, failing that, then the key can be obtained from members, again see website for nominated key holders.

5. New Members will receive an Induction to the club this will include reference to Safeguarding and who to contact.

6. To protect the courts its is Essential members use proper tennis footwear. Cross trainers must not be worn. They damage the surface and action  will be taken against any member breaching this rule. Note: Signage on main gate.

7. Members will be issued with the court lock combination, 

8. Members may only play on the courts with guests (Non Members) for a maximum of 5 sessions per year, note: a guest fee is chargable at £2.00  per session, payable in advance to one of the Club officials (see: list on website) 

9. Members are strictly forbidden from passing the door lock combination code on to anyone who is not a member.

10. Members are encouraged to book courts, via our ClubSpark website booking system, however members may opt to turn up and play without booking, but members that have booked will  always have priority over those who have not booked. Courts are numbered 1,2 & 3 from East to West, starting with the gate end.

11. Club matches and tournaments have court priority at all times.

12. Coaching to be undertaken exclusively by Jonathan Newton Tennis, (see programme on Coaching Page of this website), no Private coaching arrangements available.

13. Doe Sports have recommended we keep the nets tight all times, so please do not wind them down at the end of the day's play.

14. Please remove all your rubbish and relock the gate and tumble the lock code when you are vacating the courts.

15. We have access to Tynedale Rugby club toilets, the combinbation key is located on court 1, please ensure it is returned after use.


16. The club has a codes of practice that must be agreed, when taking out membership, to protect members and the club

Updated October 2019


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