Ladies Teams

The Ladies' Captain is Anna Webster.

Avon LTA Summer League

In 2019 the club entered 6 ladies teams in the Avon LTA Summer leagues.

Teams consist of 4 ladies, with each playing 2 best of 3 set doubles rubbers in each match. Matches are on Friday evenings from May to July. Team practises are on Tuesday evenings at 7:00pm, and continue during the summer league season.

  • Ladies First Team – Having won Division 2A in 2018, the Ladies First Team  were in  Division 1 of the Avon LTA Summer Leagues. The team plays home matches at the club.
  • Ladies Second Team – were promoted to Division 2B for 2019 and play home matches at the club.
  • Ladies Third Team – The Third Team played in Division 4B in 2019.  The team plays home matches at Sunnyside Tennis Courts (off Station Road, Yate,  car park at end of Moorland Road, BS37 4BX).
  • Ladies Fourth Team – Played in Division 5B.  The team plays home matches at YOSC (Brimsham Green School, Broadlane, Yate BS37 7LB).
  • Ladies Fifth Team  – Played in Division 7B in 2019. The team also plays home matches at YOSC (address above).
  • Ladies Sixth Team - This new team played in Division 7A, and plays home matches at YOSC (address above).

Additional information for 2019:

Team Tennis Avon

Team Tennis matches consist of both singles and doubles rubbers, with singles matches counting towards a player’s LTA ratings. The matches are usually played on Sundays between April and June.  Each team consists of 4 to 6 players.

Close to 1,000 teams currently compete in the Open (adult) events of Team Tennis. All teams are part of a promotion & relegation structure whereby successful teams can earn promotion to regional and national tiers. The National Tier of Aegon Team Tennis features many aspiring, current and former professional players where total prize money of £100,000 is available.

In 2019 the club’s Ladies Team played in the Regional Open Women - South West (West) Division  having WON AVON DIVISION 1 in 2018.

The Ladies' Second Team is in Avon Division 1.

Both teams play home matches at the club.

Matches took place on the dates listed here.