Starter Tennis

Starter Tennis -  is our new coaching programme for younger children, delivered by a new member of our coaching staff, John Robertson. The programme is a great way of introducing children to the game of tennis. All activities will concentrate on improving children’s fundamental movement skills, using speed, agility, and quickness drills i.e. SAQ which focuses on moving in different directions, stopping and balancing, and the importance of the ‘ready position’. At beginner level children will play with larger, low compression balls and from a modified court to allow them to develop their tennis skills properly. All sessions will be delivered with enthusiasm, with a major emphasis on learning through having fun. During the programme players will learn:

  • Movement in different directions, stopping and balancing
  • Proper contact and simple control of the ball
  • Rally skills learnt through throwing, hitting and catching
  • Basic stroke shapes- forehand, backhand, volley, with control of the ball
  • Co-ordinated running, jumping and hopping
  • Simple grips and contact points
  • Introduction to the serve
  • Rallying over a short distance 
  • How to win a point and where to stand