Tennis Stars

Tennis Stars Blue & Red  - is a beginner level tennis programme designed for 4-8 years old children. Playing with a larger, low compression tennis balls and from a modified court to allow them to develop their tennis skills properly. During the programme players will learn:  

  • Movement in different directions, stopping and balancing
  • Proper contact and simple control of the ball
  • Rally skills learn through throwing, hitting and catching
  • Basic stroke shapes- forehand, backhand, volley, with control of the ball
  • Co-ordinated running, jumping and hopping
  • Simple grips and contact points
  • Introduction to the serve
  • Rallying over a short distance 
  • How to win a point and where to stand 

Tennis Stars Orange - is a beginner - intermediate level tennis programme on a 3/4 tennis court for children aged 8-10 years old. Children will play with medium compression tennis balls, bouncing lower and move slower to allow them to have longer rallies.  Children lean a variety of skills:

  • Quick and efficient movement
  • Co-ordinated rotation and use of both arms
  • Effective swing shapes including cross court
  • Rallying one metre from inside the baseline, including cross court
  • Serving on balance with a consistent action and higher point
  • Specific footwork
  • Refined stroke shapes including the use of spin
  • Changing the stroke to direct the ball and hit to different areas of the court
  • Tactical awareness of the opponent   

Tennis Stars Green - is on a full tennis court intermediate advanced level programme for children aged 10+ years old. Children focus on developing the following skills:

  • Basic to excellent movement to, from, around the ball
  • Coordinated use of all parts of the body 
  • Basic full-court strategy and tactics 
  • Consistency in strokes and rally 
  • Refining serve and technique including the introduction of the 2nd serve
  • Strokes based on upon intended shot and changing the flight, spin and speed of the ball