Park Tennis Pass Types

The passes and packages outlined below allow us to continue to meet safeguarding standards, allow business access and ensure players can still access the courts to play tennis.  Terms and conditions apply to all passes.

If you have any questions please see our General FAQ page and any questions regarding membership please visit the charges FAQ page.


Play Tennis Pass

  • £40 per year
  • No monthly fees to pay
  • No additional court fees to pay
  • For recreational tennis play only
  • Not for the delivery or receipt of any type of coaching 
  • Household pass for up to 5 people living at the same address 


Pay & Play 

  • Log into ClubSpark, book a court & pay 


Coaching Package 

  • Take Tennis Lessons (Duncan Willitts & his team) hold the only authorised coaching package at Coronation
  • No other coach or provider is permitted to coach in any form on these courts.


General Hire Pass 

  • PlayBall, Esher Walton & Weybridge have been granted a General Hire Pass