Court Booking

All new members are given a username and password so they can see court usage and book courts up to 2 weeks in advance.  Booking is always recommended due to coaching sessions, matches, singles box league matches, match play days and social use by Club Members.  If you cannot use the court at the time you have booked, please cancel the booking to allow other members to take the slot.

Any queries contact Clive Pollard, Membership Secretary.   Tel: 07976437935  Email:

FORGOT YOUR LOGIN?  Contact Clive Pollard above.


Notes on Court usage

Members must wear the correct footwear designed specifically for tennis. Cross trainers must NOT be worn as they damage the courts.

Nets should be lowered at the end of play and all litter removed from the courts.


Floodlight charges - tokens

  • £4.00 per court/hour for Seniors
  • £2.00 per court/hour for Juniors

Tokens are available from:  Margaret Hesmondhalgh     015395 63342


Token instructions

There are four control boxes in the Clubhouse.

1. Select which Court you wish to play on.

2. Insert your token or tokens in the right hand slot of the appropriate box/court number.

  • Each token gives you 30 minutes of light. 
  • Additional tokens can be inserted as required, but please ensure they are inserted before the lights go out (red light comes on by the court).  Once the lights have gone out they will not come back on until they have cooled down for a while. 
  • The special concession for juniors has been agreed by Dallam School in recognition of the Club’s continued support and development of Junior play.  A Junior is described as “attending School”, NOT College or University.  If a Senior is playing with a Junior, play is charged at £4.00 per hour, whilst juniors playing with juniors is charged at the special concession rate. 
  • This also applies to coaching by John Griffin – e.g. if Juniors are being coached play is £2.00, if Seniors are involved the charge is £4.00