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We are ready to launch! An exciting summer of Tennis & Pickleball awaits! Coaching, matchplay, family night and competition! Please take a look at the coaching, events and membership pages to see what's going on.

Who we are

We are the Silloth Tennis Club based in the wonderful Cumbrian seaside town of Silloth.

Our courts are situated next to the famous Silloth Green, right on the promenade. They look out over the Solway with striking views to Scotland.

We offer both junior and adult coaching with LTA qualified coaches. Whether you are looking to become competitive or just for recreation we can usually cater for your needs.

Both membership and coaching sessions can be booked directly on this website. Please use the links above to see the options. If you require any information or help then please contact us at


**** Online booking now available for coaching sessions - see the coaching tab at the top of this page ****



A little known fact about the small seaside town of Silloth, is that our sea-washed marshes used to supply the turf for many large events and venues including Golf courses, Wembley stadium and the show courts at Wimbledon.

A quote from an article about Wimbledon below:

In 1921, when the championships at Wimbledon moved from Worple Road to its current location just a few miles down the road, groundskeepers brought in strips of turf from a seaside town called Silloth 350 miles to the north to cloak its new courts. But no one wanted to haul tons of turf hundreds of miles each year, so the team started its own turf nurseries, havens for the perfect green grass.

The turf from Silloth was initially brought in because they were struggling to grow their own grass and had daisies and weeds coming through but another problem that the Silloth turf brought was the fact that sea life such as shrimps had to be picked out of the grass before play could start.

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Adult coaching Sundays

Organised family play, singles, doubles, team games....loads of fun! Free to members. £5 non members

Our new Pickleball sessions were discussed in the latest edition of the Buzz newspaper

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