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Today the Club announces that, having made careful preparations and risk assessments, it will be ready to open at 10am on Saturday 16th May 2020 for members' only pre-booked play.

The Club is set to re-open and this is very exciting. It is also daunting for those who feel anxious about the continuing risk of catching Covid-19, and those who have lost fitness and skills during lockdown. Continuing financial pressures for some people may mean they have the time and desire to play tennis but feel they cannot commit to rejoining at present.

We have solutions for you all.

The measures we have put in place mean there is a low risk of contracting or spreading the virus at the Club and only those who are being ‘shielded’ have to stay at home now. For the rest it is a personal choice whether or not to resume playing tennis.

Full guidelines for members can be found at: Back to Tennis with Covid-19 Restrictions May 2020

and all members have received an email with the details they need. You will not be able to play until you have paid your membership fees (and we have received them from your bank), and have received and responded to the ‘Welcome’ email you will be sent. Only then will you receive the key code. You will also need to arrange to collect your balls as they will not be available in the usual way.

Please address any questions to admin@stowmarkettennis.co.uk


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