League Rules

W E S T  S O M E R S E T  T E N N I S  L E A G U E  R U L E S  2 0 2 4

1 Each Mixed fixture consists of 4 rubbers – 2 mixed doubles and one each of Men’s and Ladies doubles. In the Men’s division each pair plays both their opponent’s pairs.

2 The Home team is to decide the order of play. In the Mixed matches each team’s stronger pair must play as the number one pair.

3 Each rubber consists of the best of 3 sets. The first 2 sets are to be tie-break sets. The third set, if required, is to be a championship tie-break (10 points).

4 The championship tie-break will be scored 1-0 or 0-1 and will be counted as an additional set and an additional game.

5 One point will be awarded for each set won and a bonus point will be given to the side with more sets or, if equal on sets, more games. If equal on games, the bonus point will be shared.

6 All matches are to be played on the dates as set out in the matrix and in any event by the end of August.Where a match is abandoned after completing the first 2 rubbers any completed set will stand and the teams will be awarded half a point for each uncompleted set. ( If, after the allocation of the points for any uncompleted sets, the teams are level on points, the bonus point referred to in Rule 5 will be awarded to the team with more games in all completed sets.) Where the first 2 rubbers are not completed, the match is to be rearranged and replayed from the beginning.

7 Subject to the exception in this Rule matches may only be postponed by reason of bad weather. If a captain cannot raise a team, provided 24 hours’ notice is given and the opposing captain agrees, the match can be rearranged. The opposing captain is at liberty to refuse. A match not played apart from above shall be deemed lost (conceded) by the offending team and that team will lose 4 points and their opponents will be awarded 6 points.

8 Before starting matches at Elms the captains must agree how to conclude a particular rubber due to failing light. If the match cannot be completed for this reason, Rule 6 will apply.

9 Clubs with 2 or more teams shall send to the Chairman before their first match a list of their best 4 players for each, except their lowest, team. A player nominated for any team cannot play for a lower team. Any player who has played 3 times for a higher team(s) cannot play for a lower team except at the Arbitrators’ discretion. If a team cannot field 4 eligible players, an ineligible player may play. Any sets played by an ineligible player shall be scored 0-6, 0-6 to the opposition.

10 No Club may have more than 2 teams in any one division.

11 If teams are level on points at the end of the season, their position will be determined by a)number of wins b) total of sets c) total of games

12 The current subscription for participating Clubs is £5 per team (mixed and/or men) and is payable to the Treasurer on or before the AGM .

13 Generally the top and bottom teams in each division will be promoted and relegated respectively and the 2nd from the top and bottom in adjacent divisions will “play off” against each other for a place in the higher division. The 2nd from the top club being the “Home” team who must give 3 dates to their opponents. The “play-off” matches must be played by the end of September. This Rule is subject to new entries or withdrawal of teams at or before the AGM.

14 Any team conceding 2 matches will be immediately removed from their division and shall have all their results up to that date deleted. In the following season they will play in the division below.

15 All score cards are to be sent or emailed by the “Home” captain to Richard Archer within 7 days, failing which the offending team will have 2 points deducted.

16 All disputes are to be notified to any of the Arbitrators (Richard Archer, John Barrington or Paul Rees) by email within 7 days.

17 From 2024 all Clubs participating in the WSTL must be LTA Registered Venues.

18 All players while playing in WSTL matches must comply with LTA Rules and Regulations and in particular must

A) Use their best efforts to win each match and complete it unless they are unable to do so for good reason

B) Not use an audible obscenity nor make any obscene gesture

C) Not verbally or physically abuse any opponent, spectator or anyone else

D) Not violently or in anger hit, kick or throw a tennis ball, racket or any other object

E) At all times conduct themselves in a sporting manner and give due respect to opponents, spectators and any other persons.