Ball Machine

Our new Slinger Bag ball machine is now available for you to use at a cost of £5 per hour. The Slinger Bag offers many features suitable for all levels of players.


How to use Slinger Bag

Learn how to set it up for your practice session by using this link:

Slinger Bag Instructional Video - YouTube

Access the user manual  HERE

We can also offer a free induction session (Mark 07920 557894 or Philip on 07870 463195).


Booking your Slinger Bag session

Make your first booking for 1.5 hours to allow time to familiarise yourself with it.

Use Clubspark as normal to book your court slot, but then make sure that you add Slinger Session as the name of participants.

When making your booking you must check if anybody else has booked it.

In the event of a double booking whoever has not entered Slinger Session as a participant on their booking will forfeit their Slinger session.


NOTE: At the point of selecting your time slot you can enter the name of any participants other than yourself. You must enter: First Name: Slinger, Last Name: Session.

When checking court bookings only the person who actually books the court is listed, you must click on that booking to check the participants, i.e. Slinger Session.  This will avoid you turning up to play with Slinger and finding someone else is already using it.



Before you play, enter your details in the Slinger Booking booklet in the clubhouse. (Courts and clubhouse have same combination.) 

Make a £5.00 BACS payment to the club after you have played (in case you are rained off)

BACS details

Beccles Tennis Club: Sort code: 20-92-08 Account number: 20022411

Please put your surname as a reference.

The booklet will be regularly reconciled with the club bank account.


Usage on court.

Unplug Slinger from the charger cable, remove carefully from clubhouse and take onto court. 

Always turn the machine off before you add balls or adjust controls.

Don’t stand in front of the machine when it is on.

Always return the remote control to one of the top side pockets after use – DON’T GO HOME WITH IT IN YOUR POCKET.  

Note when you turn the machine on it takes 30 secs to set itself before ejecting balls.

Never use Slinger in damp conditions. If the balls do become wet, please don't leave them in the Slinger - put them on top of the bench cushions to dry out.



The machine will contain up to 100 balls. We are providing 80 pressureless balls that should be good for 2 years use. These balls may feel slightly harder on the racket face to some of you.


After use. 

Return machine to clubhouse and plug the charger back in to the front of the machine. Overcharging will damage the battery, so please ensure it is set for 3  hours only.   To achieve this we have provided a 'countdown timer' plug - this need to be plugged in first, then simply select your required charging time by pressing the button on the top left of the plug until the 3 hour slot lights up red.