Tournaments 2023

Felixstowe Lawn Tennis Club is pleased to present its summer list of tournament events. This year we will be holding 5 main tournaments.  

UK Pro League Tournament – new tournament

This is a new addition to our annual calendar and we look forward to welcoming the event to FLTC. The UK Pro League (formally the UK Pro Series) is a season-long competition to crown Britain’s Men and Woman Champions. It a chance to see up and coming players compete.

The UK Pro League tournament runs from Monday 29th May to Saturday 3rd June. Free entry.

ITF World Tennis Masters MT200 - 9th Year

This tournament caters for all age groups. It’s configured in 5year stages from 35 to 85 years of age. The ITF senior tournaments are held all over the world and allow players from elite to recreational levels to play and earn ranking points. This will be the 9th year Felixstowe has hosted the ITF Seniors Tournament. This year will be an MT200 event. This means more ranking points for those taking part.

Dates are from Wednesday 21st June to Sunday 25th June. Free entry.

LTA British Tour

Our first event will be the British Tour, formally known as the East of England. This tournament has been running for well over 100 years and this year is classed as a premier event. Over the years we have seen many talented players taking part at the tournament. 2021 was no exception. The winner of our lady’s tournament was Emma Raducanu who went on to play at Wimbledon and win at the US open. Let’s hope she returns again this year.

The British Tour runs from Monday 26th June to Saturday 1st July. Free entry.

LTA's Summer County Cup Event

LTA's Summer County Cup Event – commonly known as ‘County Week’ – is possibly the oldest tennis event on the domestic calendar, dating back as far as 1895.

This year we host the men’s group 6. 44 counties across the nation are divided into groups based on their results of the previous year’s event with Group 1 being the ‘premier league’. Teams compete against each other over a week to see which team comes out as champions.

The County Cup runs from Monday 24th July to Friday 28th July. Free entry.

Jackman’s 93nd Felixstowe Junior Week

Junior week is an LTA run grade 3 tournament. Its aim is to provide juniors of all ages the chance to play under in tournament conditions. There are a total of 32 events covering age ranges from under 8 years, u9, u10, u11, u12, u14, u16 and u18.

Junior Week runs from Sunday 13th August to Saturday 19th August 2022.

All the above tournaments will be free to enter for anyone who would like to spectate. So, if you in Felixstowe or just passing by, look out for one of our tournaments, come and say hi and enjoy watching some competitive tennis. Soft drinks and food will be available during each tournament, and you may even find the bar open.

Bill Cunnew – Chairman – Felixstowe Lawn Tennis Club