9 - 15 July Matches

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Despite there being some matches not yet played due to postponements caused by bad weather both the Mens’ and Ladies’ Doubles seasons are at an end and the Mixed Doubles season is under way. The mixed league is a shorter competition for teams of three couples comprising only four matches, two of which are played at home and two away. As these matches start at 6.30pm it is hoped to squeeze them in this month while there is still sufficient light in the evening to see the ball, which, as most of the clubs in the league do not have floodlights, is always a problem towards the end of the season.

Last Thursday both of Keswick’s mixed doubles teams were in action and both had away fixtures. Our first team played at Whitehaven and though the sun was shining at the start of the match, rain was forecast by 9pm. Playing conditions on the exposed courts at Whitehaven were not idea as there was a nasty swirling cross wind which had to be taken into consideration especially when putting a lob up. Keswick’s youthful first pair Jonny Piercy and Anna Hollinshead dominated their opposite numbers winning both sets effortlessly 6-2 6-2.

Our second pair, Neil Maxwell and Julie Saxton also won by the same score and our third pair, Rob Saxton and Rachel Bazire, were even more impressive, losing only one game in their encounter. After the first round of matches Keswick were ahead 6 sets to 0, though ominously cloud was building in the West and the wind was hiking up, a situation that encouraged some urgency in the next round of sets. Neil and Julie rapidly demolished the opposition’s first couple 6-1 6-1. Jonny and Anna however had a tougher time against the opposing 3rd pair though they won eventually on a tie break 6-5.

Meanwhile Rob and Rachel cracked on to win the first set against the second pair 6-0 and were 3-1 up in the next when the heavens opened and play had to be abandoned in the downpour. Fortunately at this point Keswick were up 10 sets to 0 which meant that with only 8 sets to play Whitehaven could not win, so the points went to Keswick.

Meanwhile in Lorton, Keswick’s second team were confronted by a strong village team and struggled to make much impression. However heavy rain arrived in Lorton earlier than forecast and caused the abandonment of the match before enough sets had been played to provide a result, so the remaining sets will have to be replayed at a future date.