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Development Proposals 

Following several years of collaboration and discussion with Lowestoft Town Council we can now, as of November 2022, proudly announce the commencement of the 1st phase of development. Contractors are currently on site to dig groundworks and lay cables ahead of erecting 10 high spec flood lamps to provide top class floodlighting for the bottom 4 courts for club and public use. It is expected that they will be in operation in time for this Christmas.

The second phase in the new year will see 8 Pickleball courts laid on the existing upper courts 1 & 2 as the club looks to expand its offering to all sportspeople by providing the best Pickleball facilities across East Anglia.

Courts 3 & 4 will be resurfaced for junior coaching and further courts for public use.

Electronic gate systems will cover all courts with an online booking system hosted by Clubspark.

Most of the existing fencing will be remodelled providing a more welcome feel to the complex, and ramps will provide ease of access to our expected wheelchair competitors.

Things are looking incredibly promising for the future of the club, academy and local community, with enhanced tennis facilities and opportunities for Pickleball  to come!

This page will be your go to place to keep up to date with progress.


Latest Update:


Project nearing completion!

The final elements of the project to be completed are as follows:

1. Spectator fencing is 98% complete, with just some tidying up to do on the post tops and caps to be added.

2. Pickleball court painting is due April/May, when the weather improves.

3. Permanent posts and nets for pickleball courts are ready to be fitted.

4. The practice wall will be installed in April/May, ready for the new season.

5. Electronic gates giving access to the courts will be installed week commencing 8th of April. Court bookings will then be via an online booking system hosted by Clubspark.



Further works to courts to take place during August and September. 

Check out the following message, including temporary court closure dates, from the Club Chairman here.



Great news! Following the successful installation of floodlights the next stages of development are due to commence shortly

On-site dates are currently being agreed with the contractors for the remaining phases of the project. Each phase will be signed off by Lowestoft Town Council prior to commencement.

The next elements to be delivered, with anticipated dates, are as follows:

1. Low level fencing around the pickleball/mini red courts will be fitted over a 10 day period in June, week commencing 26th of June. As works are taking place the top tier of courts will be 'off limits' due to the holes and posts that will be protruding.

2. Resurfacing of courts 5 & 6 (pickleball courts) along with all post sockets is currently scheduled for sometime in July. This will allow for courts 5 & 6 to be used for spectators for the Lowestoft Championships in June.

3. Re-orientation of courts 7 & 8 (mini red courts) will also take place sometime in July.

4. Court cleaning and painting. The same contractor will be used, as for the above works, to ensure timely delivery.

5. Pickleball court painting. This will be a minimum of 3 weeks after the court resurfacing due to the new macadam needing time to oxidise. Temporary lines will be painted on the surface for play to take place yet any balls used will likely turn grey/black due to the tarmac curing process.

6. Fencing for spectators and to separate the pickleball courts (5 & 6) and mini red courts (7 & 8) will commence after painting has taken place.


07/02/2023 Further update re Court and site modernisation for Lowestoft Town Tennis club.

Dear Club member – To keep you informed regarding progress on the above project I have detailed along with anticipated datelines those specific parts of the project that will become live in the ensuing months.

Floodlights – Installation is now complete of all mechanics and equipment. Whilst light testing is still taking place, play on all 4 courts is now possible. The junior coaching squad were tonight enjoying the brilliant floodlights. They really do look so good (see photo).

To enable all members to enjoy playing after dark it is very straightforward. Simply book a court via the LTTC website, turn up, switch on the floodlights and play! There will be no charge for members (at this time). A photo is posted in the gallery on the home page of this website. (leave the Back swich off). Lights out by 10.15pm!

Members of the public wanting to use the floodlit courts can currently only do so whilst the Denes Oval complex is open and staffed by the council (or through joining the club as a member - the rates are very reasonable - please see here.  This will change when the elctronic gate system is installed later in the year, when there should be access to all through an online court booking system. 

Court Re surfacing – The top two courts urgently in need of resurfacing will take place post April 6th. This will take approx. 2 weeks.

Electronic gates & booking systems – These will be fitted and up and running post April 6th. A new system of court booking will then be implemented as we need to ensure that all court requirements are catered for. This includes club sessions, individual bookings, coaching, matches, tournaments, and court availability for the general public to also book and play. 

Court cleaning & painting – for all courts will take place from early May. This will take approx. 2 weeks.

New Fencing & access changes – To enhance the opening of the new top gate providing improved access to the public, the court surrounds will be refigured with more friendly lower sectional fencing. There will be improved access with additional (electronic) gates, and mobility ramp. Courts 7/8 will be reconfigured with an East/West facing.

Pickleball – Following the above programme of cleaning and repainting we will go live by June 1st with this fast-growing sport.

New Clubhouse – Discussions are now taking place with a view to implementing an exciting new concept in clubhouse design.

Grand Opening – Dates tbc. Will involve a host of exciting activities encouraging involvement from existing and anticipated future members.


Please note

Ben Thompson is Project Managing this whole project on behalf of Lt.Town Council and Lt. Town TC, and part of his brief is the hiring and co-ordination of contractors (never an easy task), so please bear with us and we will keep you informed if dates previously listed require some change.



  Peter Aldous (Chair) LTTC