Quiz Night Success

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The Tennis Club quiz night on Saturday 6th April was a huge success – both from a fun and enjoyable point of view and also for raising money for the club house!  13 teams took part on the night, making a total of £1500, as Barclays Bank kindly matched the money raised on the night.

The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly with just a hint of competition.  Eleven members of the club had organised the different rounds and it all started off with a particularly fiendish table round, identifying tennis players from their nicknames.  There was much good-natured groaning during the round with answers beginning with E, when it was revealed that the answer to “Which E might the Romans have built?” turned out to be encampment rather than empire! 

The raffle was also a great success, with some super prizes, including freshly picked rhubarb.  The traditional fish and chip supper was enjoyed by all.

All in all, a most successful night and many thanks go out to all the members of the club who supported this event and helped out on the night.  Everyone is already looking forward to the next quiz later in the year.  Watch this space!