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On this page you will find advice about:


How to join

How to access and use the site


How to book a court

Go to the Club's website and under Bookings you will find all 5 courts. Click to book your court. You can also do so from your phone via the Booker app. You have to download the app first but then it is easy. You can cancel or change bookings that way too, even at the last minute.

How to record who is playing on court with you when you make a booking (required for Covid-19 Track and Trace)

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How to find people to play tennis with

Who to speak to if you are concerned about safeguarding or someone's safety, health or welfare

How to suggest improvements

How to complain

How to find out what the Committee is doing

How to get involved in the Club's development projects

How to get in a team

How to enter the ballot for Wimbledon tickets

More details to follow