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News from the courts:

Membership has risen significantly since June 2020, with more than 25 new members joining the Club, and with  more joining each week.

Ben Smith's Summer camps for children have been very popular and great fun for those involved. A welcome break for parents after all these months being their children's main playmates. Cardio tennis sessions are going well for adults, getting our heart rates up and still being Covid safe. Tennis Tuesdays for women is booking up fast.

After a successful trial of balls, Wilson Triniti Club balls will replace the existing club balls supplied free to members. They are expected to perform better and last longer.

Carol Clements' work on Court 5 has been effective, and the Committee is llooking at the timescale for court resurfacing.

In addition, the rest of the gardening group's work plus Seymour Bennett's personal investment of his time, has made visible improvements to Peter's Garden, the entrance, the drive and the borders. Thank you all.

News from the Committee:

Entry into the Winter League has been agreed.

The dome will go up 2nd week of October according to the current plans.

Work on the LED scheme proceeds, the question of affordability having been delayed by Covid, and the lighting will be be installed before Spring 2021.

Grants have been obtained to support improvements to the clubhouse, including making it more accessible, with close working with our partners in local Government.

Lucinda Rogers has replaced Chris Aldous as Secretary, and Kevin Vincent has been appointed as Competition Secretary.

Preparations for celebrating the 120th anniversary of the Club in 2021 are starting. 

New branding and signage is being finalised.

The review of the Club's Rules is underway.