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Geoff Franklin

Geoff Franklin, who died on 21 April 2022 at the age of 93 years, was a valued member of our Club until he was 85 years old. . Over many years Geoff played tennis and volunteered his time for the good of the Club. Father to Jane Darling, grandfather of Tom and Katie Darling, all of whom were members - and he was also a loved great grandfather. We send heartfelt condolences to them and the whole family on behalf of the Club.

Geoff used to do lots of odd jobs around the Club, alongside Peter Pemberton whose memorial garden is one of the best spaces we have. He also won a number of trophies. Peter Frogley pays tribute: “I have vivid memories of him and Pete Pemberton messing about doing stuff around the club and having a lot of fun, taking the mickey out of each other. Both really hard workers, as they were all their lives. Geoff helped make the Club such a warm friendly place to be. Very much missed but a pleasure to have known”. Geoff was also an original member of the Wednesday morning ‘Gentlemen of a discerning age’ group, although current members claim they were very young when they joined it.

The funeral is at Seven Hills Crematorium on 7 June at 11.15 hours, with the wake afterwards at Felixstowe Tennis Club.