We are delighted to announce that Felixstowe Lawn Tennis Club is now allowed to re-open so we can all have some much needed exercise in the sport that we love, this will include using the grass courts which have been maintained by Andrew, our groundsman, during the lockdown period.

To enable us to play we have to use our facilities in an organised and responsible manner. There are some strict government instructions which must be followed and the LTA have produced guidance for venues to use to ensure that these are adhered to. The guidelines cover good practice to follow from arrival in the car park shortly before your game through to departure straight away once you have finished (these will be adapted in time, in accordance with government updates).

Players and parents will be required to comply with the rules on social distancing throughout.

Please do not come to the Club if you, or anyone in your household, is showing Covid-19 symptoms. Refer to standard Government guidelines on self-isolation.

Here at FLTC we have followed the guidelines set out by the LTA to develop our own local procedures to ensure we comply with all requirements/restrictions.

A key new procedure is the introduction of a temporary online Court Booking System, which is explained further below. All players MUST have a court booked BEFORE they arrive at the Club.


Club Access
Please only enter the grounds when and if you are going to play, do not drive into the car park more than 10 minutes in advance of your planned court time and depart as soon as possible after you have finished.
The only non-players allowed in the Club grounds will be parents / guardians while their children are on court, plus those needing to work on site.

Use of Hand Sanitizer
The Club has provided hand sanitizer in the winter pavilion, to be used if you do not have your own supply.
All players should follow good practice and wash their hands thoroughly before heading to the Club and again when returning home.
It is important to avoid touching your face after playing until you have properly cleaned your hands with sanitizer or soap and water.

Indoor Facilities
The Clubhouse and the outdoor toilet remain closed for now.
The Winter Pavilion is open only for people to use the hand sanitizer, only one person may be in the building at a time. If it rains do not shelter in here. Parents cannot wait in here, you should be outside or wait in your car please.

Use of Courts
There will be no group coaching, club evenings or social tennis gatherings.
Courts can only be used to play SINGLES, except
doubles may be played only where ALL four players are members of the same household.
Coaches can only work on a one-to-one basis.
Arrive changed and ready to play, bring all of your own equipment with you, including full water bottles, but not more than you need to bring. If you have your own hand sanitizer it would be better to use your own.
Do not share any equipment with others. Bring your own tennis balls and try to minimize the number of times you handle them, preferably only when serving. If possible mark your own tennis balls to differentiate them – do not pick up balls that you are not playing with.
It is preferable to avoid adjusting the height of the tennis nets, but if you need to do so please wear gloves or use hand sanitizer.
Please remember to follow social distancing rules when retrieving balls that have left your court and when collecting balls when you have finished playing.
No handshakes!
Do not exceed your booked time - if consecutive court users are present those waiting to play should stand away from the gates to allow those who have finished to leave first.

Hard Courts
We will only use the end courts on each set of three:
        courts 1 & 3 (acrylic)
        courts 4 & 6 (macadam)
        courts 7 & 9 (artificial grass)
The nearest gate to each court must be used, including the far gate for court 9.
The gate locks / latches must not be touched by anyone so the gates will be able to swing open for anyone entering or leaving the courts. Even when windy please do not try to close the latches to keep the gates closed in place.
Lights are not to be used.


Grass Courts
We will use alternate courts, initially these will be:
        Courts 1 & 3  or  Courts 2 & 4
        plus Courts 5,7 & 9
Entrance to the grass courts will be from the banking for the top courts and through the large gates at the back of court 5 or courts 8/9. There will be no entrance from gates on the Clubhouse / Roseberry Road end of the courts.

Booking System
To assist members who have difficulty with the online system we have set up the following email address which can also be used to make a court booking, this goes to Bill, Carl, Jez, Matt and Neil S. and one of us will respond to you as soon as possible with confirmation. Please give your phone number in the email if you wish us to call you back.

Rules for booking will be as follows:
Courts will be available from 9am until 8pm, Monday through Sunday (grass courts only available from 10am).
The names of all players on the court should be given.
Courts will be bookable on ClubSpark in slots of one hour duration, starting on the hour.
Members can book up to seven days in advance, bookings becoming available at midnight.
Members can book a maximum of once per day, unless if at 6pm the day before there are empty bookings available then members may book up to a total of two hours consecutively or two separate one hour slots.

Court hire
Non-members will be allowed to hire courts, subject to following all playing regulations.
Court-hirers will be limited to Hard Court 4 and Grass Court 7 at a cost of £12 per hour.
Court hire bookings must be made online through ClubSpark.
Payment must be made online at the time of booking.

To book coaching, or for any coaching questions, please contact Jez and Matt at

For further information and advice on the Coronavirus, here is a link to the LTA website:

Felixstowe Lawn Tennis Club Committee
12th May 2020


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