Keep safe and follow COVID-19 guidance - see bottom of this page.

Please select a court and a time when you would like to play.

By booking these courts all users agreed to comply with the terms and conditions of use  - click here to read.

Please review our Privacy Statement before you confrim your booking - click here to read.

Pay & Play - Courts are  available for Pay & Play users to book and pay online.  Cost is £2.70 per court for 30 minutes. Collect court key from Enderby Leisure Centre Golf Shop (this is located at the back of the Leisure Centre). £5  deposit for key refunded when key returned. The bookable times are from 8:00am to 6:30pm due to Golf Shop hours, bookable times will increase once the Enderby Leisure Centre re-opens.

If someone is on your court when you arrive please show them your booking confirmation. 

COVID-19 Guidance  -  click here for full LTA advice.                                                                     Updated 01.06.2020

IMPORTANT – you must bring and use your own hand sanitiser.

IMPORTANT: Do not leave your home to play tennis if Government advice means you should stay at home because you or someone you live with has or has had symptoms of COVID-19, or you are in the most vulnerable category and have been advised to shield from the coronavirus.

Test and trace - If someone who has played at our club develops symptoms of COVID-19, they should be directed to follow the Government’s ‘test and trace’ guidelines, which can be read on the website.

Keep gate open while playing (use hook to secure), last player closes and locks the gate.

  1. Maintain strict 2 metre social distancing. Stay at least two metres away from other players (including during play, when taking breaks and before and after play)
  2. Courts must be booked and leave a time gap. Start five minutes after your time slot and leave five minutes before the end of your booking. Do not congregate after playing, leave the vicinity promptly. Please remain in your car until your time slot.
  3. Doubles play is now permitted with people from outside of your household, as long as you remain 2 metres apart as far as possible – meaning that four people from different households can now play doubles. For doubles, consider agreeing in advance which player will take the shot if a ball travels to the centre of the court.
  4. Spectating is actively discouraged. Where attendance of a parent/guardian (non-participant) is required, or a carer for a disabled player, it is permitted and is not counted as part of the maximum group size of six, but should be off court and limited to one per player where possible, with social distancing strictly observed while watching the sessions.
  5. Tennis balls - Players do not now need to use their own clearly marked tennis balls – however, if you choose to use shared balls then extra care must be taken to ensure you do not touch your face during play, and you should clean your hands before play and immediately after finishing (use alcohol gel if required). Avoid using your hands to pick up tennis balls from other courts where possible - use your racquet/foot to return them. At the end of play each member take their balls home. 
  6. Most Important. Wash your hands before leaving home to go to the court. All players must bring their own sanitiser and sanitise their hands just before commencing play, this is a safeguard in case you have touched contaminated surfaces when getting ready to play (e.g. main gate, key safe, court key, padlock, court gate etc), sanitise again if you touch a shared surface and when leaving the premises.
  7. Clubhouse is closed except, when adult members are present, for first aid, defib machine and the toilet. Only one club member at a time allowed in the clubhouse. Bring your own towel.  LTA make it clear clubhouses should not be used by club members for any other reason, so book exchange is closed. Pay & Play users cannot enter the clubhouse.
  8. Bring your own water. You cannot use the clubhouse to get water.
  9. Take your rubbish home. All rubbish bins have been removed for health and safety reasons.
  10. Do not touch the net winders.To minimise contact with contaminated surfaces nets will be set to their regulation height and checked periodically.

Adult Members - Access the courts using the clubhouse security code. 

Junior Members - There is no charge for Junior members or for parents/guardians with juniors. Access is via  security code.

Enderby Lawn Tennis Club is a registered charity (Reg No 1184329) and we are an LTA registered club.


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