Booking FAQs

Booking Frequently Asked Questions

Registration and log-in

  • You must sign in using the same details/method that you registered with when you activated your membership.  This should be an email and password through LTA. Previously there was an option to log in via Clubspark /Facebook/Google/Microsoft as your login route but this is no longer possible.
  • If you cannot recall your login credentials you can click forgotten password or forgotten email.
  • If you are still struggling please email

Name showing on the booking sheet

‘'When I view the table of bookings it displays my name. Can everyone else see this?'

The bookings are set up so that the person booking will see their name on the booking sheet but the public view will just show ‘Booking’. There will be no public visibility of your name.


Cancellation of a booking

Once a booking has been made it can be cancelled either via a link in the booking confirmation email or in ‘MY BOOKINGS’ – at the top right hand corner of the booking sheet.

Charges are refunded if court booking is cancelled more than 48 hours before the booked time.

By booking these courts all users agreed to comply with the Tennis Court Terms and Conditions of Use .