Court booking

Please ensure you follow the safety guidance below

Combination lock

The courts are secured by a combination padlock. The combination will change frequently and you will be advised of the code each time you book a court. You will need to set the dials at the underside of the lock to the relevant code and then DEPRESS and release the shackle in order to open the lock. When leaving the court, please move the combination dials to a random number and then ensure you FIRMLY depress the shackle to close the lock when leaving the court. The lock won’t latch correctly until you move the dials from the release combination. Please don’t share the combination code with anybody else.

Safety guidance

- Please do not to play if you have COVID or any of the 3 main COVID symptoms (fever, new continuous cough or loss\change to smell\taste).  Please only play again once you have tested to confirm you do not have COVID. Please think of others playing after you who might be more vulnerable. Grundisburgh Tennis Club Coronavirus Advice and Guidelines
- Children and vulnerable adults to be supervised by parent/carer.
- Wear suitable footwear to reduce risk of injury and protect court surfaces.
- Please review the current Grundisburgh Tennis Club Risk Assessment to familiarise yourself with identified risks and control measures.