Non-members and guests


If you are not a member of Grundisbrugh Tennis Club, you can hire the court for £8 per hour.  You will need a Clubspark account and can create one on the Court Booking page. Please go to the Court Booking page, log in to your Clubspark account if you have not done already and look at the calendar to find out when courts are available.   Pick a suitable date, time and court and then proceed to make payment via credit card.  You will receive a confirmation both on screen and via email to confirm your booking and provide you with a court access code.  Refunds are available up to 48 hours before the booking.


Members are now able to book a group with non-member guests. Guests are charged at £2.50 per hour.  Please book a court as per normal on the Court Booking page and add the guests to the group, identifying guests via the drop down by their name.  We ask that guests play no more than three times per season and join the club if they wish to play more than this. Guest fees are payable by credit\debit card at the time of booking and refundable up to 48 hours before the session. Declaration of guests on bookings are operated on an honesty basis and we hope you will support the club and fellow members with this. Currently, it seems the system does not show the correct costs for guests until you move beyond the initial stage of the booking process.


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