The courts are for the exclusive use of members of Lavenham Lawn Tennis Club and their guests.    Membership forms can be downloaded from the club website https://clubspark.lta.org.uk/LavenhamLawnTennisClub or hard copies are availabe from the Treasurer/Membership Secretary.   Juniors living locally  are eligible for free membership but must submit a completed membership form in order to receive the required shoe tag.

On - court rules

Suitable non-marking  tennis shoes must be worn.

Current shoe tags must be attached to members’ shoes.  Players without shoe tags may be asked to leave the courts.

Suitable sports clothing must be worn.

Food should not be consumed on court.

Nets should not  be over-tensioned and should be slackened slightly at end of play.

Courts 1 and 2 must be swept at the end of play.

Gates must be padlocked after play and the combination numbers moved.

Poor sportsmanship, noisy or disruptive play is not acceptable.

Smoking is not permitted within the courts.

All litter should be removed from the courts after play.

Courts are provided for tennis only - no other ball games are permitted and no bicycles or toys should be taken onto the courts.

No animals are permitted on courts.

All players should familiarise themselves with the club rules and health and safety policy before play.


Guests must be accompanied by an introducing member who must complete the visitors' book in the ball cupboard and advise the visitor of the club rules before play.

Guests are permitted to play a maximum of  three times in any one season.

Guest fees of £3.00  per occasion must be paid to the Hon Treasurer or other committee member or put in the secure box in the  ball cupboard by the introducing member.

Court availability:

The courts are required at certain times for club activities and the following priority system for court use should be observed:

1.  Club organised sessions including club nights, ladies morning, junior coaching and social tournaments.

2.  League matches

3.  Internal club competition matches

4.  Social play

Court booking can be made through the club's website booking system.

Players may play without booking if courts are available but must give way to anyone who arrives and has booked that court.

From 6pm on weekday evenings, full adult members have priority over junior play.


This belongs to the Community Council not the Tennis Club.  Members have access to it but must be aware that it may be being let out to other people in which case members may only access the loos and changing area via the back door and cannot go into the main room/kitchen.

Members must keep the Clubhouse tidy and put all mugs, cups etc back into the cupboards, restack the chairs, pick up any litter etc.


Rules revised December 2019





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