Health & Safety

The committee of the LLTC have set up a Health and Safety policy for the club.  This is difficult to police as the club does not employ any staff to be on the premises to oversee the courts, equipment and players.

Notices have been affixed to the notice boards, inside and out, asking that all club members wear appropriate clothing and footwear on the courts and that they check that the court is suitable for play.

If there is any problem with the courts or equipment then members are asked not to use the court/equipment but to inform the Health and Safety Officer, Elizabeth Evans, as soon as possible.   07749 226299.

Notices are also on the boards advising what action to take in the event of any accident/incident and there is an accident record book in the ball cupboard.

A regular risk assessment is made to ensure that all courts are safe and suitable for play

(updated 12.6.19).


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