Come down to social tennis

SATURDAY MORNING: Social mixed doubles: All welcome, to turn up and play (no advanced notice required) start is around 10 am and finishes around 12:30.

SUNDAY AFTERNOON: Social mixed doubles. All welcome and organised via a Whatsapp group to check other’s availability. Start time changes throughout the year. Please message Chris Macleod at 07889181080 or [email protected] if you wish to be added to the Whatsapp group.

TUESDAY and THURSDAY EVENINGS 7-8.30pm L.adies doubles rota Contact Penny Lees on [email protected] if you would like to be included. 7-8.30pm

MONDAY MORNING 10-12noon A group of ladies enjoy informal Ladies Doubles . If you are interested in joining the group rota please contact:-Elspeth White, on 01900 821674 or [email protected]

WEDNESDAY MORNING 10-12noon: Ladies doubles rota. If you wish to join the rota please contact Janet Smith on 01900 823126 or [email protected]

WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON: Men’s doubles rota. If you wish to be included please contact Chris Macleod on
07889181080 or [email protected]

THURSDAY EVENING 7-9pm: Mens winter floodlight tennis.  A rota is set up on a termly basis.  Please contact Peter Hemingway, [email protected] or 07496199613  if you wish to be included.

FRIDAY EVENING: All welcome. Involves playing 3 rounds of mixed doubles, changing your partner each match, followed by food and drink and a bottle for the winner. A rota is set up so please send your availability to Julie Best at [email protected] Suspended during COVID pandemic.

Singles and mixed doubles ladders are running until 31.10.2020.  If you wish to join add your name to the board in the chaning room and let Gill White know, so you can be added to the appropriate What's Appgroup.