We hold a number of events during the course of a summer, including club championships in doubles, singles, and a more informal handicapped singles tournament. Normally, we also have regular friendly and informal ‘American’ tournaments on a Sunday afternoon once a month, which due to social distancing measures cannot be held at the moment.

For 2020 we have:

A singles box league: any member (male and female), of any standard, can enter. There are a number of separate boxes with 4/5 players in each box. Members wanting to join the box league will be placed in the box closest to their standard of play at the start of each new session (approximately every 4 weeks). At the end of each session there is promotion and relegation between boxes. The top man and lady at the end of the September session will be crowned the STC Men’s / Lady's champion.  Latest  results

singles handicap tournament: Every player(male or female) is given a handicap (e.g. start every game on +30, or perhaps if a top player,-30) to give all players entered a fair chance of winning the tournament and being awarded the magnificent handicap trophy to keep for the year. The tournament runs between July and September. {link to most recent results draw sheet once tournament started}

A doubles tournament: You enter as an individual (male and female); players are paired up to ensure all pairs are of a similar standard.  The tournament is run as a ‘round robin’ event where all pairs play each other within their group – how many groups depends on the number of players taking part. If there is more than one group there will be a play-off between group winners to decide the overall winner. Again this tournament will run between July and September. {link to most recent results table once tournament started}


If you would like more information on ‘events’ you can contact Howard on 07472785693 or email: howakend