Resumption of Tennis

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The government's roadmap along with updates from the LTA, states that both singles and doubles tennis can recommence after March 29th, as well as coaching and competitive play.  There can be no socialising however, nor can spectators be at the club (Pete will clarify the rules for junior coaching sessions). Refreshments cannot be made in the clubhouse, so it is important that you bring your own drinks, especially if the weather warms up.  It has been confirmed that we are able to use the toilet facilities, but this is on a one person only basis, as previously.

The club will once again run the booking system through Clubspark, but we ask that you all use this fairly, especially at busy periods, and do not book two consecutive sessions using different people in your group in order to get longer on court as it is likely that sessions will book up quickly and this could make it difficult for everyone to access court time.  As with the previous lockdown, bookings open two weeks prior to play.  In the first instance we are asking that only members play, not guests, so we can see what availability is like, if it looks like there is space we will then allow guests to play at a later date. Unfortunately at this time, social play, where mixing of players across courts takes place, is not permissible so please do not do this.

Bookings for coaching will already be entered on the system, as will both senior and junior matches once these have been arranged.  Importantly, please can we remind members to cancel courts if for some reason they cannot make the session to allow other members to be able to play, there were a lot of sessions that were booked previously that people did not turn up for when other members would have been able to use the slot.

Please make sure that you maintain social distancing at all times and sanitise hands to restrict possible transmission.  Scoring markers will once again be out of action and nets will be set to the correct height and regularly checked.

As a reminder, please be considerate to our neighbours when playing especially when playing later on in the evening.

Fingers crossed we get a good summer of tennis both socially and competitively.

Any questions please do not hesitate to ask