Club News - 13th February

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Wimbledon Ticket Ballot – Opt-in – closes TOMORROW!

This is a reminder…in order to be eligible to enter the Ashby Castle LTC Wimbledon Ticket Draw, you need to ensure that you have completed the following by 14th February 2020:

1. You need to be a British Tennis Member (either 'lite' or 'team') - being a 'lite' member is free of charge to all ACLTC members. You can join by visiting Once you have joined you need to ensure that Ashby Castle LTC is assigned as one of your clubs within your profile.

2. You need to have opted into the Wimbledon ballot, by signing in to your British Tennis Membership account at and following the ballot opt-in instructions by 14th February 2020.

On this date the club's Wimbledon Ticket Allocation will be calculated on the number of Ashby Castle BTM members who have opted in to the Wimbledon Ballot.

Please note you must be aged 11 or over to be eligible for the Wimbledon Ticket ballot.

The draw will take place in April, more details to follow.

If you have any queries on the above please contact Claire on 07970221895 or [email protected]

Repairs to the drive

Repair of the subsided area has begun. When that is complete and has had an opportunity of settling down, it is planned to resurface the whole drive. Details are currently being negotiated with English Heritage, but we are keen for the work to be done as soon as practicable.

The Future of the Car Park

Current negotiations with English Heritage include the future use of and payment for the Car Park.  We seek a quick VOCEM POPULORUM in answer to this question: Would members be prepared to pay for the right to park in addition to the annual subscription? Opinions, please to Gray at [email protected] or by text to 07952328387.

Court Closure Notice

On the 25-26-27 February court maintenance will be carried out which could affect all the courts at some point. Court 7 is being rejuvenated, while some remedial will be carried out on courts 3&4 to complete the new re-surfacing and sort the issues which occurred due to the heavy rain experienced while they were being laid. Work will also be carried out on courts 5&6 which could not be completed during the normal service on 20th January as the courts were frozen.

We will endeavour to keep disruption to a minimum, but please be flexible with the workforce and other members. 

125 Photo

Are you free on Sunday 15th March at 4pm?

Calling all members for a group picture on court 7. We are aiming to get 50 plus people for a picture where we spell out the number 125 and take a picture form a drone as part of a press release for our anniversary year.

If you can make it please let Chris Hawkins 07801312389 or Alex Guzder 07931412238 know asap 

Sunday Lunch – 8th March

This is just a reminder that the annual ACLTC Sunday Lunch is on March 8th at the Lyric rooms. Support the club in its 125th year! Please contact Jane Cotton to confirm and with payment no later than Sunday 23rd February (revised date). Jane's contact details are 

[email protected] 07806 455581 or 01530 412042.

Men’s Singles Tournament - March

£10 Entry Fee - All proceeds will go towards the fund-raising objectives as part of the ACLTC 125th Year celebrations.

The format of the tournament will be a round robin followed by a knockout. All matches to be played in March. Adults only, no 1st team players please.

To sign up contact Ian Randon on 07815693339

Ladies’ Practice

This is a reminder that we are holding 2 tennis practices for Ladies who would like to play in the teams. 

1. Thursday March 5th at 6pm.

2. Saturday March 21st at 2pm.

ALL Ladies are welcome to join in as there are different standards for the various teams in the Leicestershire and Burton leagues. Do come along to play and enjoy!

After these two sessions the Captain for your respective level will arrange further team sessions.

Please contact Gill on 07802 261734 [email protected] if you require any further information.

Box League Update

Various factors have triggered a couple of deadline extensions already meaning the present closing date for the current round (Round 6) is Sunday, 23rd February. As a result, the deadline for Round 7 is scheduled for 22nd March. If anyone would like to play one more round after that, please contact Jan or Gray. If there is no clear desire for one, it is likely that the event will be moth-balled for the summer on 22nd proximo.

Club of the Year

Ashby Castle has been nominated for the award of "Club of the Year". The result will be announced at the TLL Awards Evening on 2nd March at the Tigers Rugby Ground in Leicester. Entry is free. To "book your place", contact Claire [email protected]

And finally…coming soon new ACTLC branded tops will be on sale, watch this space for more details.