Wimbledon Ballot 2020

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Clubs are currently being advised by the LTA to go ahead with Ballots for their Wimbledon Tickets, so as social gatherings are no longer allowed due to the Coronavirus we would be grateful if you could follow the process detailed below please having checked the dates of the 18 pairs of tickets we have been allocated.

Tickets allocated to ACLTC for 2020

Centre court  29/06/2020      Day 1       Price per pair £140

Centre court  30/06/2020      Day 2      Price per pair £140

Centre court  01/07/2020      Day 3      Price per pair £180

Centre court  02/07/2020      Day 4      Price per pair £180

Centre court  08/07/2020      Day 9      Price per pair £340

Centre court  09/07/2020      Day 10     Price per pair £340

Centre court  12/07/2020       Day 13     Price per pair £480

Number 1 court 29/06/2020  Day 1       Price per pair £130

Number 1 court 03/07/2020  Day 5       Price per pair £210

Number 1 court 04/07/2020  Day 6       Price per pair £210

Number 1 court 06/07/2020  Day 7       Price per pair £250

Number 1 court  07/07/2020  Day 8      Price per pair £250

Number 1 court  08/07/2020  Day 9      Price per pair £250

Number 1 court  10/07/2020  Day 11      Price per pair £90

Number 1 court  12/07/2020  Day 13     Price per pair £70

Number 2 court  30/06/2020 Day 2      Price per pair £88

Number 2 court 03/07/2020  Day 5      Price per pair £144

Number 2 court 06/07/2020  Day 7      Price per pair £174

A. Can you please email Claire on [email protected] advising that you would like to enter the ballot and also confirm your email address and contact number.

Your eligibility can then be checked against the LTA list received and you will subsequently receive an email to confirm that your name is going in the ballot.

B. A list of members who want, and are eligible, to enter the ballot will then be circulated to you all on 23rd April - ballot entry will close at 6pm on this date.

C. If by 24th April the advice is still not to hold social functions,  Claire will draw 18 names out of a hat and list them in order of sequence drawn.

(If the advice changes and we can actually hold a social function by then, the draw (plus a massive party!!!) will take place at the club on the 24th April at 7pm - you would then need to attend yourself or send a representative who has a list of the ticket dates that you could accept)

D. Assuming that we have to hold the ballot remotely, the initial list of the first 18 names drawn will be circulated and the first name drawn will then need to select which pair of tickets they want. An updated list will then be recirculated with the details of which pair(s) have been taken by whom, and then the 2nd person drawn will do the same, this can then be repeated until all 18 pairs have been allocated.

E. The instruction at the moment is that all tickets will have to be paid in the normal way by latest 14th May but in the event that Wimbledon is cancelled then the  LTA will make full refunds.

We will obviously keep you updated with any further news.